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Personal IT Consulting Services

This area of our practice is geared towards providing on site and remote computer services for residential and micro-business clients in Northern Virginia, with emphases on safeguarding confidential client information and reducing technology frustration. These services include, but are not limited to:
  • Select and set up computers and software:  Instead of wasting your precious time and money buying and struggling with the wrong computers and software, let us come in and help determine what is best for your specific needs, then configure it for the way you like to work.

  • Prevent/remove spyware & viruses, manage spam, and solve & prevent problems:   Many people suffer with computers that have multiple frustrating symptoms. Stop wasting your time and sanity, and let us help you get back to being productive.

  • Set up and secure small wired & wireless networks (cable, DSL and FIOS): Your unsecured wireless network is an easy target for all sorts of illegal activity, including identity theft and child pornography. We can secure it to keep it for its intended use -- only your internet access.

  • Set up backup systems:   Far too many people have information they cannot afford to lose, yet they have no backup. We can help, by setting up disk-based and/or online backup, to automatically back up your vital information.

  • Data Recovery: We can recover your data from your crashed hard drive, retrieve lost email from damaged email programs, and repair your damaged MS Office documents.

  • Laptop Computer Security:   Many laptops contain unprotected confidential client or patient information. We can help keep your confidential information from being compromised, even if your laptop is lost or stolen

Corporate IT Consulting and Training Services

This area of our practice is geared towards organizations who have their own IT staff and/or IT service provider. These services include, but are not limited to:
  • Security Awareness training:  We can train your staff on critical information security issues, including social engineering, acceptable use of information resources, and working with proprietary or confidential information. We can help your organization prevent security breaches.

  • Technology and service provider evaluation:  Service providers have a financial stake in selling your organization technology and services that are most profitable for them. We will conduct a completely independent evaluation -- with absolutely no undisclosed interest -- to represent your organizational goals and objectives

  • Privacy and information access policy:  We can review or write your privacy, information access, and acceptable use of information resources policies, to greatly reduce risk to your business. We have extensive experience in job-related need-to-know issues. We can also review your user access controls for enterprise systems. Please contact us with questions or special requests.
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Client Comments

Within a period of 10 days my home-based PC took a gasp and died. My former GEEK company referred me to Craig, whose knowledge, maturity, sure-footedness, and easy humor quickly put me back on the road in a sane direction. He diagnosed the issue, counseled me on options, was on the phone with me as I shopped for a new computer, sought to find modem guidance from a muddled service provider, and as I gave up on the company's competence, moving off my own. Then, within days, my internet service died. Craig arrived within an hour to diagnose the problem, and found confirmation on the phone when the loser company acknowledged a 30+ hour DSL outage. Within all of this my auto's AC crashed. Craig drove me home and drove me back to the auto servicer. I feel that I found a friend in him: he gave me great comfort as I felt ambushed on several fronts. He fixed or helped to fix every problem. I recommend him to all who confront "technology,frustration, and remediation," or more.

David L. Temple
Independent Consultant
Va. Deputy Secretary of Education (1986-1990)
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