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What is Technology Frustration Remediation®?

Many people are frustrated by technology. In lay terms, these people suffer from technology frustration. Although any competent IT service professional can fix computer problems, it takes specialized expertise to help people understand -- in non-technical terms -- what the technology issues are, and how to prevent/fix problems. In our experience, when people are involved in the process, or at least given an understandable explanation, their frustration with technology is greatly reduced or eliminated (remediated). Our process is a holistic client-specific blend of configuration, training, and explanation.

Life is too short to deal with unnecessary frustration. If you suffer from technology frustration, let us help you by providing technology frustration remediation®.


Are you ready to let us help you?

Client Comments

Craig has helped me with my home computers on several occasions. As Craig says, the next worse thing after a computer virus , is a teenager on-line at home. Craig once managed to revive my teenager's college laptop, successfully saving the entire contents of the hard drive. I believe he ended up installing a new hard drive. That computer recently died finally after four years of college with the hinges cracked and the monitor held on by duct tape. Whatever he did to revive that laptop, it worked....and this saved me the need of buying a new laptop halfway through college... I had enough other bills to pay at the time. If you have computer frustration that needs remediation, you need Craig...

Allen Schirmer
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